Pros And Cons Of Partial Dentures You Should Know

Pros And Cons Of Partial Dentures You Should Know

Missing teeth in the mouth can leave you feeling overwhelmed. In addition, losing teeth due to aging or because of an accident can be an attack on your self-esteem. Thankfully, the dental world has revolutionized and can fix this problem for you with removable partial dentures.

If you lose teeth, you can fix the dental issue with the help of one of the following three options. 

Partial dentures can be one of the best choices to subside the anxiety of missing teeth. However, the question is whether you know what these partial dentures are? Let’s find out in the following sections on our blog. 

What Is A Partial Denture?

Opting for dentures in Irving, TX, provides you with new possibilities! A dental partials treatment is for the person who wishes to replace a lost tooth for different reasons. For example, they might want a partial denture for aesthetic or functional reasons.

This dental treatment is perfect for people who do not wish to undergo bridge treatment. A lost tooth can cause an uneasy feeling while trying to talk or chew your food. Thus, a tooth replacement with a partial denture is the best idea to feel normal. 

Opting for this dental treatment gives you a choice of dentures. The subsequent section discusses such dental partials types. 

Types Of Partial Dentures

Once you visit experts for dentures in Irving, TX, you’ll be provided with the following choices of denture partials:

  1. You can opt for a partial denture for one tooth. These are flippers, and your orthodontist might place these in your gum right after you lose your permanent tooth. However, these are not permanent and are active only as a replacement until your gum heals.
  2. Another option is to get the clasps. These can be your preferred dental partials option if you have one or more teeth missing. 

Partial dentures have their pros and cons. A professional dentist might apprise you of such pros and cons when you plan to get your partial teeth. Before you choose to get this orthodontic treatment, you can look at its pros and cons to decide whether it is the treatment for you.

Partial Dentures Pros

Interestingly, many benefits of dentures tell why they are best to fix the dental issue of lost teeth.

  1. Partial dentures are affordable for people who find bridges and implants expensive. In addition, it is a pocket-friendly dental treatment.
  2. You can opt for one or more dentures depending on the oral situation of your mouth. 
  3. Dentures are the best option if there is a chance to preserve some teeth. These are the perfect replacement for the teeth in your lower jaw. 
  4. One can quickly adapt to partial dentures as opposed to complete dentures.

Partial Dentures Cons

Though there are multiple benefits, you might face a few cons of partial dentures while adapting to them initially:

  1. This treatment might increase the chances of plaque build-up in and around your teeth. Thus, it could eventually lead to tooth decay and damage. 
  2. The pressure the dental partials apply on your gums might put you through pain.
  3. Partial dental might not be able to fulfill the purpose of dental implants and bridges. You might have to remove the partial dentures when you go off to sleep the night.

Caring For Your Mouth And Partial Dentures

The dentist in Irving, TX, says caring for oral health with partial dentures can sometimes be challenging. You might have to undergo the trouble of removing them every night before sleeping. Your gums require proper air circulation to stay pink and healthy. A denture might interfere with the process. Thus, it is essential to remove them at night to allow better blood and air circulation. 

Plaque build-up is another issue that requires attention after getting a partial denture. You can get a soft and good toothbrush to keep your mouth healthy.

Conclusively, partial dentures can be the treatment for which you can opt. However, getting your orthodontist’s advice before initiating the treatment will be the best.

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