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Frequently Asked Questions

No, cosmetic dentistry isn’t painful.

It provides long-term safety and effectiveness against dental issues. Treatments like porcelain veneers, crowns, and dental bonding reinforce the integrity of your natural teeth.

A smile that brings you joy will inspire you to prioritize its maintenance through proper dental care and regular cleanings.

We understand that this answer can be somewhat frustrating, but the timeline depends on the specific treatment required to achieve your desired outcome! For instance, dental bondings can often be completed in a single appointment to address any chips or cracks. Conversely: Procedures like veneers may require more time, as they are custom-crafted to impeccably fit your teeth.

You could be a great candidate for teeth whitening if you have good oral and physical health, adhere to proper oral hygiene practices, and have specific areas on your teeth that could benefit from improved shade and coloring. Prior to commencing a teeth whitening procedure, our dentists will verify your suitability for the treatment to ensure your overall well-being.

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