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Most people think that dental implants are only meant to replace missing teeth. But, they offer numerous additional benefits, such as preserving bone structure, improving tooth alignment, preventing crooked teeth, and boosting oral health. With durability, enhanced appearance, and improved self-confidence, dental implants provide a comprehensive solution.

Chewing on extremely hard foods like nuts and unpopped popcorn, or using dentures to bite non-food items such as pens and fingernails, can lead to denture damage, much like how these actions can chip or crack natural teeth. It’s advisable to steer clear of foods containing seeds that could be inadvertently bitten into, like whole fruits and seeded bread.

Dentures are a favored choice due to their removable nature, aiding in improved eating, speech, and appearance. Optimal candidates for dentures are individuals, both men and women, with partial or complete tooth loss.

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