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Individuals who consume substantial amounts of wine, coffee, tea, or tobacco products are at a higher risk of experiencing staining. If you fall into this category, composite bonding may not be the most suitable choice for you, as staining is a primary factor contributing to the relatively shorter lifespan of composite bonding, typically lasting only a few years.

The durability of bonding materials is influenced by various factors, including your oral practices and the number of teeth treated. Generally, bonding material can be expected to last for a period ranging from three to ten years before requiring maintenance or replacement.

Dental bonding is generally considered a low-risk procedure. It’s important to note that the composite resin utilized in this process isn’t as resilient as your natural teeth, making it susceptible to potential chipping or detachment from your natural tooth. However, it’s worth mentioning that instances of chipping or breakage are less common compared to procedures involving crowns, veneers, or fillings.

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