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A variety of modern dental implant-based tooth replacement solutions are available. Any of these solutions can dramatically improve your quality of life; such as enabling proper chewing and speaking, increasing comfort and self confidence, and encouraging the consumption of a wider variety of foods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most people think that dental implants are only meant to replace missing teeth. But, they offer numerous additional benefits, such as preserving bone structure, improving tooth alignment, preventing crooked teeth, and boosting oral health. With durability, enhanced appearance, and improved self-confidence, dental implants provide a comprehensive solution.

The duration of the procedure hinges on the case’s intricacy, but generally, a single implant can be inserted in about an hour. The specific timeframe may vary based on any additional procedures such as bone grafting or gum work that may be necessary.

With customary brushing and flossing, the embed screw itself can endure forever, accepting the patient gets ordinary dental check-ups at regular intervals. The crown, be that as it may, normally just goes on around 10 to 15 years before it might require a substitution because of mileage.

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