Are Patients Sedated For Dental Implant Treatments?

Are Patients Sedated For Dental Implant Treatments

Dental implant surgery may be the most effective method of restoring a natural tooth’s appearance, feel, and functionality. They are helpful for anyone who has lost a permanent tooth. 

However, a survey shows more than 60% of adults have dental phobia. So, even though patients can choose between medication or sedation (just as with any operation), they still have doubts!

The dentist in Irving, Texas, advises using sedatives to lessen any pain or discomfort that may develop while treating. Moreover, in this article, we will find out clarifications to all dental phobia doubts. So let’s proceed one by one.

Will Placing A Dental Implant Hurt?

The gum tissue at the installation site is the only component of your mouth that can truly feel anything during the surgical procedure. Fortunately, gingiva’s vascular structure makes it simple to numb and desensitize. 

Per experts at Irving dental implants, you won’t feel anything until the little gap in your tissues needed to access the bone has formed. Then, similar to how they do with your natural teeth, the gums will heal around the dental implant.

Procedure Of Anesthesia In Dental Implant Surgery

Local anesthesia is provided to the regions getting implants before surgery to ensure your painless treatment. Your mouth will get numb via this process, but your mind won’t, leaving you wholly awake and conscious of your surroundings.

An injection or a topical drug is used to deliver a local anesthetic. Improvements in dental technology allow injections to be administered with a tiny needle.

Local anesthetics only have a short-term impact, so individuals getting titanium implants or zirconia implants or whose treatment is expected to take a while may require a stronger sedative.

Staying Calm During Dental Implant Surgery

Since implant placement is a surgical operation, patients typically need some kind of anesthesia to feel comfortable. The number of implants to be put in, the dentist’s choices, and the patient’s pain tolerance levels influence the type of anesthetic used. 

No matter whether the sedation method is used, the patient must not feel anything during the procedure.

It is important to know dental implant surgery to properly grasp sedation dentistry’s advantages. 

The dentist will place a tiny titanium post behind the gums during the surgery so that it can fuse with the jawbone. To access the jawbone necessitates cutting the gums, which could be painful. For the procedure, it is best to be calm or asleep.

Choosing The Type Of Anesthetic

General anesthesia shouldn’t be used if you only need one or two implants. You should be able to stay comfortable during the insertion of your implants with just a local anesthetic. 

However, your dentist or oral surgeon might treat you under general anesthesia if a bone graft is required, in which bone tissue is extracted from another part of your body and implanted in your jaw to hold your implant.

Conscious sedation, which can make you relax throughout the Irving dental implants operation, is yet another solution. Conscious sedation is commonly given in tablet form or by inhaling nitrous oxide gas, and it is frequently paired with the use of a local anesthetic. 

In this case, you will be entirely relaxed while awake, conscious of your surroundings, and able to reply to your doctor’s queries and directions. Conscious sedation can be beneficial for people who feel anxious during dental operations.

Although having your treatment while under general anesthesia may sound great, it is typically unnecessary and might be harmful. Using a local anesthetic is always healthier and less likely to have adverse side effects. 

Recovery After Surgery

Most patients can resume their routines the day after their treatment since implant surgery is less invasive. However, during your appointment, the dentist in Irving, Texas, will go through the intricacy of your case. Once done, they ensure you are fully aware of what to expect before the procedure is even planned.

Even though you can carry on with your typical routines, you might want to put off vigorous exercise or physical activity for a while. In the end, they just want to ensure you stay safe.

The Bottom Line

During a dental implant procedure, patients are usually sedated to protect them from pain. In addition, a local anesthetic is provided to the part of the mouth that must be operated on while most patients are under conscious sedation. 

General anesthesia is seldom utilized during Irving dental implant surgery unless bone grafting is required. All the best! 

Experience Painless Dentistry With The Experts!

Sedation dentistry can be beneficial for people who fear undergoing the knife! However, with our General Dentistry Of Las Colina’s professionals, it’s only a matter of time. So, wait no more; walk in at our dental office or call us at 972-594-0022.

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