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Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from addressing tooth decay, dentists frequently employ air abrasion for tooth preparation in procedures such as dental sealants and dental bonding. This method can also effectively eliminate aging composite resin fillings. Additionally, air abrasion can be a gentle technique for the removal of tooth surface stains in specific situations.

Aluminum oxide, also known as alumina, is the predominant and most abrasive air-abrasion medium, primarily employed for tooth structure roughening or removal. Various other particle types are specifically designed for the purpose of cleaning tooth surfaces.

Yes, prior to the commencement of air abrasion, the essential precautions include the use of protective eyewear to prevent spray-related eye irritation and the application of a rubber dam (a rubber sheet encircling the teeth) or protective resin on adjacent teeth and gums, shielding areas of the mouth not involved in the treatment.

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