It takes patience and practice to learn how to use a new denture. Practice speaking by reading out loud. This gets your tongue adjusted to touching the denture instead of the roof of your mouth. Eat by placing food on both sides of your mouth to keep the denture balanced. Your mouth may create excessive saliva the first few days, but it will go back to normal.

A new denture may create a "sore spot" or ulcer. Please call the office as soon as possible for an adjustment if this occurs. Your first denture will become loose as the supporting bone and gum tissue heals. A reline (adding denture material inside the denture) will help make your denture fit and feel comfortable. A reline is usually needed within 6 months of extracting your natural teeth.

Clean your denture daily with any commercial denture cleaner or denture toothpaste and brush. Keep water in the sink while cleaning the dentures, in case they slip out off your hands, the dentures won't hit a hard surface and possibly break.