Three million teenage males consider smokeless tobacco a "safe" alternative to smoking. That's nonsense. Here are the very real possibilities:

  • Leukoplakia is a leathery white pre-cancerous growth inside the mouth caused by contact with tobacco juice. The condition progressed to oral cancer in more than 5% of diagnosed cases.
  • Gum disease and bone loss are more prevalent among people who chew. Nicotine discourages attachment of gum tissue to teeth, and bone recedes in the presence of nicotine.
  • Cell abnormalities can occur too. Tobacco causes damage to oral tissues on the cellular level. Growth slows and normal dental development is hindered.
  • Of course bad breath and discolored teeth come with smokeless tobacco use. Not to mention a form of addiction as strong as any.

We want you in our practice a long, long time. If you dip or chew, please call us for more information. We can refer you to local clinics for help.