An estimated 40 million Americans have bad breath that never goes away. The medical term for this condition is chronic halitosis. Oddly enough, many people with halitosis aren't even aware of their problem. Have you ever noticed how an offensive smell in a closed room seems to lessen over time? Actually, the room's odor doesn't improve, your nose just gets used to it. This is why many people with bad breath don't realize they have a problem.

Our office can help you determine if you have chronic halitosis and help you get rid of it. The odor of chronic halitosis results when bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue cause the formation of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC's). Our office has products for the treatment of halitosis. These products (alcohol free mouthwash, tongue gel and tongue scrapers) reduce the foul smelling volatile sulfur compounds and kill the organisms responsible for the formation of VSC's. Most over the counter mouthwashes contain alcohol that dries your mouth. This dryness ultimately leads to even faster formation of odor causing bacteria.

Some other causes of chronic halitosis are medical conditions like diabetes, sinusitis or emphysema. Treating these diseases could possibly eliminate the cause of the bad breath.

We can help diagnose the various types and causes of halitosis and then recommend the appropriate treatment.