Are Dental Implants Painful: What To Expect?

Are Dental Implants Painful

A missing tooth is not something anyone wants to be their defining feature. As a result, dental implants are gaining extensive popularity among people. This simple surgical procedure is the ideal way to restore your smile’s enhancement and boost your confidence. 

Dental implants are different from conventional dentures and bridges. While the fundamentals remain the same dental implants involve healing and surgery. But before you go ahead and get an implant, you must understand the extent of pain you can expect from such treatments. 

So are dental implants very painful? Continue reading as we explore the nuances of dental implants and understand the level of pain you can expect.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Dental implants are much more intrusive than alternatives such as dentures or bridges. It includes more drilling than filling but you need not worry about pain. If you have a competent dentist in Irving, TX, they will use a local anesthetic to ensure you experience no pain. 

Of course, there will be some general discomfort, and many patients experience gum ache the following day. However, in most cases, that ache is relatively mild, and while dental implants are pretty complex, there is nothing you need to make a fuss about this. The use of anesthetics does an excellent job of soothing the pain.  

What Is The Dental Implant Procedure?

Dental implant procedures are relatively simple, and the results are worth appreciation. First, your preferred dentist will use local anesthetics to numb the gum muscles. Then, it allows the dentist to cut the gum line and reveal the jaw where the implant can be drilled and fixed permanently. 

The process may sound like a scene from a horror movie, but the reality is entirely the opposite. Your jaw has no nerve endings, so you need not sweat about getting dental implants because of pain. The pressure from the implant might cause slight discomfort at the start, but there is nothing more you need to worry about.   

Avoiding Discomfort After Dental Implants

Great that you now have a dental implant drilled in your gum. But how will you manage that slight discomfort to ensure it does not interfere with your everyday life? Your dentist will provide you with good pain medications right before the surgery. It works very effectively once the anesthetic starts to wear off, ensuring there is enough pain relief to get you through.

After completing the surgical process, you can always expect mild discomfort, but fortunately, your dentist in Irving, TX, can help you manage this. In most cases, the dentist will provide you with a tailored aftercare plan to ensure you do not need to rely on the medications. So you can be sure that your recovery will be a painless ordeal that will pass in no time. 

How Long Will The Pain Or Discomfort Last?

A new addition to your body will always result in a certain extent of discomfort and even mild pain. However, this pain is temporary and may last up to 3 to 5 days after completing the procedure. Some medications might also help relieve this pain in a day or two.

In most cases of dental implants, you can get back to your everyday life even the very next day of getting the procedure done. However, some symptoms, such as jaw stiffness, swelling, and bruising, can take longer and last up to a week or ten days after the procedure. 

Final Thoughts

If you are thinking of dental implants, you first need to find a reliable dentist in your region. Then, further consultation with the dentist will give you a nuanced idea of the entire treatment. Finally, the dentist will evaluate your situation and suggest the ideal treatment to fix your missing tooth in no time.  

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