The solution we provide to bleach your teeth is safe, and will not harm teeth or gums. Occasionally, you may develop sensitivity around the gum line. If you are using home bleaching trays and bleaching solution, you may need to use them less often. If sensitivity persists, contact our office. You may need a fluoride rinse to eliminate the sensitivity. Another symptom that may develop is a burning sensation in the throat or on the tongue. This happens when you put too much bleaching gel in the trays and the excess coats the rest of your mouth. In this case, just use less gel.

Power bleaching solution (used only in the dental office) is much stronger than the home solution. It can cause a little more sensitivity. Tylenol is recommended after power bleaching for a day or two. If the solution gets on your gums, it will bleach the gum tissue creating a white line along the gums. The white line will disappear, usually within the first 24 hours.